Hiring made easy

Select the right sales and support employees through predictive recruitment

The challenges of hiring the right employees

Large spread in sales performance

Hiring high performing talent is a difficult task

High churn rates that seem inevitable

Keeping good employees is challenging

Cumbersome onboarding process

Developing new hires to create value takes time

Praice changes the way you recruit sales and service staff

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1. Creating the Praice profiles

Praice personality profiles are created for organisational development and data modelling.

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2. Uploading performance data

Our data scientists analyse performance data and praices to discover significant correlations.

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3. Exploring the patterns

A unique predictive model and roadmap for making your organisation data-driven is tailored based on your needs.

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4. Integrating Praice in the hiring process

Hiring managers are onboarded on Praice and taught how to get the most out of the platform.

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5. Leveraging Predictive Recruitmnet

Your organisation starts making better decisions and building a further data advantage over time.

Experience the Benefits of using praice

Save time and money

Praice saves you money through a more lean recruiting process.

Create a common language

Praice enables HR with a common language for performance development.

Empower HR commercially

Praice creates a strategic mandate for HR to deliver commercial impact.

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"Great customer experiences are created in the interaction between personality and skills. While skills are easiest to influence, it is the personality that creates sustainable benefits. In relation to this, Praice is an interesting service."
Claus Moll Hilton
Claus Moll
HR Director, Hilton
"We as well as our graduates have been thrilled about using Praice, which goes in line with our own competencies in Customer Experience Management and Business Strategy, which is based on the methodology and importance of peer-review."
Louise Dinesen
Louise Dinesen
Business Executive, Voxmeter
"The more qualified I am when hiring a new employee, the bigger the chance to get it right. In this relation, Praice is a simple solution, which has helped me to measure and qualify the personality of our applicants."
Christopher Heilmann
Christopher Heilmann
CEO, Traede

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Copyright © 2017 Praice. All rights reserved

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