What is praice?

Praice was founded in 2015 by a bunch of curious people with the personality to build the future solution for recruitment. Through 2 years of investigating and testing, Praice launched in 2017 and is already trusted by several large corporations to manage their recruitment.

Who we are

Praice was built on the premise that personality is what matters most in inter-relations with others. Both in private situations and at work. As the saying goes: “You are hired for your skill, but fired for your personality”.

Through many people’s career they have been through a vast amount of personality and behavioral test to get the job. And this is only if you were selected as one of the top 3 candidates. The questions we ask are: Why didn't they test everybody if personality is the most important criteria? What have they used the test for afterards? Why is the result so difficult to understand, and does your boss and co-worker then need a certification to understand your respective personality?

We try hard every day to make personality the core of every recruitment, employee onboarding, and team discussion. We put a great effort into making it simple and relevant to the candidate, employee, manager and management.
We also combine personality and business by predicting how a job applicant will perform and fit into an organisation. This is done by collecting all the DNA in that specific organisation, matching it with performance and using that as the foundation for recruitment.
Our team specializes in psychology, machine learning, recruitment and mobile IT platforms. Every day we discuss how we can leverage our skill on the intersection between psychology, IT and usability and make personality relevant, strategic and accessible for everybody.

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