About Praice

Praice is your personality profile, created by feedback from your network. Praice enables a credible communication of personality, because it avoids the shortcomings of traditional personality tests which are based on self-reporting.

Rethinking the personality

When we present ourselves, we often talk about what we do, where we come from, or our educational background. But we are missing the most important thing - who we are as individuals!
Praice started out with a mission to answer the question "what is it that we want to know the most about people we don't know?"
At Praice we believe the answer to this question lies in uncovering how individuals are perceived by others. Because to us, the perception of someone by their family, friends and colleagues, says far more about the individual than their perception of themselves.


Most important decisions in our lives usually involve the people around us. In the process of meeting new people, such as friends, colleagues, or a future roommate, good personality assessment has vast emotional and economic benefits. Issues that tend to arise in our relationships with others could potentially have been avoided with more accurate information about who people are and what to expect from them.


Praice aims to improve your world of people by uncovering personality. This may be useful in a variety of situations such as getting to know people better. Or, you may be an employer wishing to distinguish between applicants for a job and screen them on criteria other than hard skills. Essentially, Praice enables you to diminish the everyday transaction costs of misjudging people by providing an honest and credible visualisation of the personalities in your life.

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Copyright © 2017 Praice. All rights reserved

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